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Selects Media is a results driven boutique digital production and marketing company dedicated to connecting audiences with brands, products & services. Unlike other production companies, we don't just create content, we distribute it across multiple digital platforms to enhance brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Social Media Advertising

Video outperforms still images on social media by 140%. It's imperative that your digital marketing efforts keep up with the digital world. We create highly engaging short ads by converting your best performing still images into video designed for Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

What We Do

Branded Content

Story-telling is not rocket science, but it can feel that way when the pressure is on to send the perfect branded message. We develop strategies to define and identify the Who, What, Where, When, and most importantly WHY your message is important to the viewer.


Telling authentic stories are what we are all about. They inspire us, motivate change, and help us understand more about the human experience. If you or your business have a unique story to tell, e-mail us!


Brian Bellinkoff
Creative Director


Brian's expertise in digital content and documentary style story telling has made him regularly sought after by ad agencies and start-ups to create authentic brand stories and original content that captures users interacting with their products and services. With the rise of digital marketing, Brian opened Selects Media in 2018 to focus on helping clients create content that drove sales by offering full commercial campaigns designed to increase ROI.


In his spare time, Brian consults, produces, shoots, and edits award-winning documentaries such as the Netflix documentary From Fat to Finish Line, Hulu's Men in the Arena, & the 2019 release of his directorial debut film, Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration of Psychedelics.

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